A Broad Approach to Government Relations

In today’s evolving relationship between business, government and advocacy, no set of issues stands alone and no member of Congress is focused exclusively on one area of public policy. Congress has the explicit power to broadly regulate commerce and Porterfield, Fettig & Sears recently began a successful effort to represent clients with concerns beyond the “traditional” financial services space.

The success of your business is not solely dependent on the quality of your goods and services and the satisfaction of your customers. A dizzying array of laws and regulations can affect your business operations, your relationship with customers, management decisions, and ultimately, your bottom line. Porterfield, Fettig & Sears can stand up for your unique interests and help you navigate the maze of congressional committees and federal agencies engaged in the issues that matter to your business. We can provide you with seasoned strategic advice and representation to help you amplify the voices of your customers, employees, and business partners.

Porterfield, Fettig & Sears represents a growing and diverse group of clients across the manufacturing and commercial landscape. We have experience working with the pharmaceutical, automobile, and packaged food industries, among others. We provide companies and trade associations with valuable counsel on a range of issues including taxes, labor issues, and environmental regulation. We are the kind of multi-service government relations firm that can make a material difference for your business in Washington.