Established Banking and Financial Advocacy

All financial institutions have a vested interest in what Congress and the regulators do in Washington. Porterfield, Fettig & Sears has a built a reputation of integrity with the financial industry and has been actively involved in the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act. Working closely with our financial clients and their regulators, such as the Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, U.S. Department of Treasury and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we create the best opportunity to positively impact policy.

Representing your business concerns is just one piece of the puzzle. Serving as the nexus between lawmakers and the financial industry is the other. Our goal is to ensure legislation is written and enacted in a way that doesn’t arbitrarily impact your bottom line.

Porterfield, Fettig & Sears understands the challenges of doing business in a heavily regulated environment and the need for workable regulation so you remain productive and profitable. We work with Congress and the regulators to ensure legislation accounts for your business model and concerns before the laws are created and regulations are implemented.

Striking the Perfect Balance

Whether it’s briefing staff before a significant legislative initiative or conferring with lawmakers to relay your legislative concerns, your presence in Washington does have an impact on your business and industry. Porterfield, Fettig & Sears strikes a crucial balance when working toward positive regulatory changes by maintaining a respect for both policy and process. We articulate your economic realities and legislative implications to lawmakers—advocating for more prudent and deliberate policymaking.