Moving from a Traditional Model to FinTech

Thanks to the expansion of broadband and mobility networks, businesses need to merge the traditional way of banking with the latest technological innovations, while ensuring their customers’ security and confidentiality. With the desire for faster, more convenient, and more mobile ways of doing business , the financial services sector  can’t afford to operate in separate,outmoded silos.

Over the past few years, technological innovation in the financial services sector (known as FinTech) has exploded.  And what we are witnessing is not only competition between incumbents and startup disruptors, but increasing collaboration as well.  Increasing innovation and mobility in this space brings added scrutiny from Congress and regulators, as well as a renewed focus on cybersecurity and data protection.  Porterfield, Fettig & Sears stays ahead of this rapidly changing policy space to represent your unique interests and position our clients as educators and thought leaders.

Focus on Telecom

The “traditional” telecom space is also changing and innovating at a lightning pace.  Congressional and FCC focus on broadband adoption and speed, spectrum policy, and video competition require day to day attention from telecom companies large and small.

We work with telecom clients to ensure that Congress and regulators fully understand their priorities – and their customers’ concerns – before enacting and implementing legislative changes.  As the telecom industry evolves, PFS provides you with the tools and information you need to empower yourself in Washington.