The Only Yearly Must-Do Legislation

While “Washington gridlock” often dominates the headlines outside of Washington, DC, the one thing Congress must do every year is fund the federal government. Whether it is each of the 12 appropriations bills—one by one (regular order)—or part of a grand negotiation that results in an omnibus bill or simply a continuing resolution that extends funding at the same level for a set time, this is a process that requires proactive advocacy and thoughtful engagement.

We understand the process and protocol of each appropriations committee and subcommittee. Porterfield, Fettig & Sears can help you navigate the timelines and provide assistance with both process and advocacy. When requesting federal funding, it is critical to understand what Congress is looking for and how your project solves a particular need. We help you communicate that need to Congress and maintain a consistent presence so you are neither forgotten nor overlooked.

Finally, appropriations legislation is often used as a vehicle for policy riders when—for whatever reason—authorizing committees do not move needed legislation in a timely manner. Congressional timelines do not always coincide with business cycles and the markets wait for no one. Sometimes, it may be best to consider a policy rider on appropriations, and we have experience and success with this approach.