Your Business Allies in Washington

Legislation and regulatory changes affect the way you conduct business. Such changes can also present opportunities. Whereas , Sarbanes-Oxley significantly and materially impacts public companies and the decision making therein and Dodd-Frank continues to drive costs and market uncertainty, the JOBS Act provides tremendous opportunity by easing securities regulations and making it easier to go public and raise private capital.

You need a firm that can represent your concerns and interests in the halls of Congress as well as with the regulators who translate the laws into rules that affect your day-to-day business operations.

We’ve built an impressive resume facilitating legislative and regulatory results for our clients. We work with policymakers to ensure they understand how their decisions affect your business.

Detailed Knowledge of Congress and Your Industry

The process of passing and implementing a change in the law is sometimes lengthy and often complex. We work alongside our clients, federal agencies and lawmakers to ensure regulators fully understand and appreciate the economic realities of your business and the actual cost and benefits of regulation (from both a micro- and macroeconomic perspective) before finalizing rules.

By knowing the process, procedure and protocol, we provide you the best opportunity for success. We stay on top of market developments that shape your business so policymakers stay fully informed of the consequences of their actions. We provide insight to lawmakers so they understand all of the ramifications of an initiative before proceeding.

Capitol Hill has a profound influence on how you can conduct business. Isn’t it incumbent upon you to convey your concerns and objectives? Who better to champion your position in Washington than a firm that has actually worked on the Hill and in the corporate world?